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Will Kinney exposes the devil's spirit in James White

James White was stung - by his own admission - by some men who approached him at some talk he had given and told him he didn't give the impression of brokenness. I.e. he didn't give the impression of being a regenerated Christian.

White is an example that you can be on-the-mark all you want regarding doctrine but if you've yet to have your vanity, and pride, and self-will broken and you've yet to humble yourself to the word of God you can be a walking computer regarding doctrine all you want, but you aren't saved.

A love for the word of God which has the authority of God in it (the Received Text), not the authority of man (scholars or any other men constructing texts from myriad corrupt manuscripts) is a foundational mark of regeneration. (Also, it should be noted, having a love for other believers is a foundational mark of regeneration, and White gives himself away here as well. He hates Christians who hold to the Received Text. He compares them to Muslims often. He mocks them. He mocks them for the sole reason that they hold to the Received Text.)

White has an abiding hatred for the Received Text. He claims he doesn't hate it, but his words and his emotions give him away. He even stated in one of his internet shows that when he was in England he visited the library or museum that keeps editions of his favorite corrupt manuscripts - satanicus and vaticanus - and then he said he noticed not far away in another glass case was an original edition of the 1611 Authorized Version and that the fact that it was in the same room with his precious corrupt manuscripts made him "sick."

This is a devilish soul.

See and hear Will Kinney expose White's spirit of disobedience.

White even turns red in this video. It reminds me of the pictures of Vladimir Lenin days and hours before his death where he began to take on the physical appearance of a demon already in the fires of hell.

And count the times White engages in mocking Kinney's intellect, as if White, or any of his seminary educated peers, with his one course in See it and Say it in Biblical Greek, makes him anything close to the translators of the AV1611.

You wonder why the visible Christian church is so shallow these days? Look at this wet church leader and educator screaming into his microphone defending his wet vanity and worldly pride, all in the service of demanding that the word of God needs him more than he needs it.

Postscript: There is another aspect to White and his position among other so-called church leaders and educators. None of his peers ever remark on Whites immaturity. Set the manuscripts issue aside. White has the maturity of a junior high school kid. On his internet show his producer, on air, told him a woman was on the line who wanted to talk with him because she was very depressed. White proceeded to giggle at the woman for about fifteen minutes, mocking her based on her supposed craziness and ignorance in not going to her pastor with such an issue. Giggling like a little boy at this woman and her request.

White has recently picked up on using the word 'shallow' (which he got from my use of it on this blog) in describing his doctrinal opponents. This is always the danger in using language in a creative or unique way in a church Christian environment. They inevitably pick up on your language and rather than being influenced by the language to see themselves a bit they use the language in their own self-serving manner remaining dead asleep to themselves. That White's peers seem to think there is nothing wrong with him exposes them as well. May all such shallow, mocking church 'leaders' and 'educators' get their just reward, and may it be a great surprise to them when it happens.


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