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An email, on kingdom, warfare, holiness

Kingdom, warfare, and holiness (or godliness). These are central themes for when you go beyond what the mainstream theological works offer.

On spiritual warfare, I was looking through some of those types of books this evening, and one was talking about how we are *constantly* surrounded and accompanied by demons and so forth, and it made me think about it, and methinks he was over-egging the pudding (as I heard one English blogger say in a different context).

I think there has to be obvious breaches (alcohol, drugs, nefarious activity, etc.). Some people can be full of demons of course, but to say everybody is constantly surrounded by them is a bit much. I think most people are 'tame slaves' in the Kingdom of Satan, and thus not noticed much by the Devil. And their use to the Devil comes in their playing unconscious and mechanical roles. General Law [worldly values, worldly influence, and the policing done collectively against individuals] type of force.

Also, part of God's sovereignty in providence is he limits the activity of the evil realm, and of our own fallen nature. He puts limits on our ability to be as bad as we can be. (You can see this lifted in history, like in the recently mentioned Rape of Nanking, or any such similar historical events, and *why* God didn't restrain is probably due to judgment being made on all concerned in the event. We tend to see an evil actor and an innocent victim, when they both can be and often are not very innocent.)

There are also good angels who take our side in matters. This may cause a general stand-off most of the time in the spiritual world.

I'm going to try to get a handle on all these spiritual warfare books. There are probably a thousand of them, from classics to the dime a dozen Christian bookstore variety. But they aren't all the same. One I was looking at had the subject of 'shouting' in it. How shouting plays a role in fighting demons. It reminded me of the last encounter I had with the sociopath I've been writing about. I shouted him away once and for all. (At the end of my rope.) And it's worked. I can 'feel' that the connection that I'd let him form has been cut off. I've had to do this shouting thing before regarding a drug addict and her terroristic behavior towards her family, and even with a parent who was aiding and abetting the other. It might be that you're getting something out of yourself at the same time. You're re-establishing autonomy in your own inner domain. The only problem is shouting is stupid human behavior. I don't recommend it. We don't want a reason to justify boorish behavior. The shouting I refer to though is the type you can't help. You are at a limit and you need to take control.

All this stuff happens all around us. Once we are regenerated we are in a different position regarding it all (we are targeted in a unique way, no longer an asleep tame slave and thus we are noticed). Different as well in terms of our protection too. - C.

ps- It's not a great coinage, but I was thinking of KIWARHOL CHRISTIANITY to remember Kingdom, Warfare, Holiness. Darn it, Andy Warhol, messing with my coinage.


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