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You may not be where you think you are

Why did I include churchians in the previous post? Because they refuse to take on the false teachers in their midst. I read a review by Beale of Enns main book, and it was so full of academic courtesy it was obvious Beale doesn't even know what it means to defend the faith. You don't confront a false teacher like that. That isn't even confrontation. You expose false teachers, and you ride them out of town on a rail. Actually you tar and feather them and set them on the road and warn them if they should ever think of coming back.

And look at Enns. A common deconstructionist of the '80s variety. They're at the level of 16-year-old atheists. And his peers are so stupid they can't see that or know what that means. And the churchians in general have no clue. Yet even if they all did have a clue they wouldn't confront him. Churchians aren't Christians, and they are responsible for these wicked souls teaching false doctrine so openly and in so accepted a way. Disgusting. Stop calling yourselves Christians.

An exact parallel: Christians who mock the King James Version and mock any who hold to it. Yet they've never said a word about the New Living Translation or even the various downgrades of the New International Version including the latest. Look what one could say about the NIV 2011, and yet on the usual sites you see the same continual mocking of the Received Text and the King James Version. Seeing a pattern here, churchians? You may not be where you think you are. You're in the Kingdom of Hell thinking you are safely in the Kingdom of God.


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