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Amateurs beget amateurs

"Interestingly, Kutscher also believed the Byzantine Text of the Greek to be the better and more reliable text of both the Greek Septuagint, and the New Testament. Kutscher was also a Greek scholar, a LXX scholar, who heavily referenced the New Testament for data on the Aramaic dialect of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. Kutscher came to believe that the work of the Egyptian scribes of the Alexandrian text was similar to that of the Qumran scribes - the work of amateurs, not at all committed to copying the actual words set before them. Kutscher said that, just as the Leningrad Codex, which is 1000 years younger than the Great Isaiah Scroll, nonetheless has a text 600 years older than that of the Isaiah Scroll, so also the Byzantine Text of the New Testament, which is primarily of the Middle Ages, has nonetheless an older text that the papyri of the third and fourth centuries."
From here:


One then thinks of the modern day priesthood of scholars and their critical text.

Amateurs beget amateurs.


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