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Maybe it's just me...

Upon reading a dispute between Roman Catholics and a former Roman Catholic now Protestant, my thought is (and not to seem to be above the fray) that it really doesn't matter what church you are attending, if any. What matters is do you have a connection to Jesus Christ via the Holy Spirit? Do you have a connection to the Kingdom of God? Do you have the living language of the word of God engrafted in you? Are you able to discern and accept on-the-mark, un-watered-down biblical doctrine? Do you have the whole armor of God? Are you fitted for the spiritual battlefield? Can you boldly claim to be a legal subject of the Kingdom of God now and when in that evil day you will have to stand, and can you boldly announce to any that would hold you in spiritual bondage that you stand upon the Pactum Salutis, the Covenant of Redemption, and that your King is Jesus Christ and that you are indeed His legal subject in His Kingdom?

Have you been regenerated by the word and the Spirit? Do you put yourself in the environment where that happens when it happens, the pure and whole word of God?

If all the above is yes you're going to be light wherever you stand; and you'll know by the reaction to that light whether you're in a communion that has connection to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom or not. If you maintain that presence of light you will either be accepted, or tossed out, or you will exist in friction with the environment in which case you can stay and engage in reformation until you are kicked out or the darkness retreats, but you really won't have any choice on your part in the sense that until the return of the King the darkness has power to call the shots. At least within its own domains.


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