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Pony Ride Inn

It's almost overwhelming how shallow Christian academics are:


It always comes down to regeneration and their lack of it. Yet the demand to teach and lecture and blow 'wisdom' like diarrhea out of their mouths never abates.

Christians are probably the worst served of any people for leaders and educators. We do have time-vetted books written by on-the-mark teachers of the past. God sees to it we have that.

I'm not going to go through all the ways the discussion above is asinine, but one thing shallow individuals do is assume that because they are as they are, in this case hyper intellectual (such as that is, it doesn't mean they are intelligent, but driven more by their intellect than their emotion or more physical aspects of their being), they stupidly assume everybody is or must be hyper intellectual in their approach.

It's better to be balanced in one's development, but the fact is at the level they are at and are dealing with other people they need to recognize not everybody is going to be like them. Pretty basic realization, but obviously beyond the intellectual grasp of our foursome there.


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