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A quote from a forum showing a common robotic strangeness

I don't consider anything to be "wrong" with the KJV. However, I think the militant-strain KJVOnly folks have worked hard to push folks away to the NASB, ESV and NIV. And that is a shame, as the KJV is so majestic and historical.

Really? How does that work? Something is great. Is the standard. Has historical awesomeness. Has literary inspiration and overall majesty. But...you know what? That person over there said something, so I just think I've been put off by it. I just have to now go with a downgraded translation that uses horribly mutilated and corrupted manuscripts. Yeah, too bad that person said that thing over there.

You see the same thing with evangelism in general. Those people *might* have believed except we just didn't approach them just right. We didn't walk on egg shells enough. We weren't obsequious enough to their tender resentments and fallen nature in general. Oh, dang. If only we had not *upset* them they'd be sitting in Reformed churches right now memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism with a big smile on their face! Instead, they're now hardened atheists.

What's missing here, folks? How about regeneration? How about the word and the Spirit which effects regeneration when regeneration is effected? Maybe? Possibly?

The unregenerate who self-identify as Christian fear man. They simply fear man. When you don't fear God you fear man. When you fear man you are afraid of upsetting man. You are obsequious to man.

Give people the truth *boldly.* Let the chips fall where they may.


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