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Something to note on the spiritual battlefield

A regenerated child of God who truly absorbs the Old and New Testaments complete and is led by the Spirit to the practical level of the faith will draw the hatred of nominal Christians, that is a given, but notice something along those lines.

If a Christian reads devotional literature, and even ones that get close to practical level works such as The Imitation of Christ the nominal Christians won't see that as something to attack. That is because they know what is and what isn't 'dangerous' in terms of being practical level works. The spirit of Satan within them guides them to know intuitively and instinctively what is 'OK' and what is a *crime* against the Kingdom of Satan.

When a work explicates the practical level of Jesus' own teachings in the New Testament then the antennae of the nominal Christians go up. Just as the Devil and his children *confront* you once you are regenerated by the word and the Spirit (because you are now noticeable in the Kingdom of Satan, i.e. you are no longer a tame slave in the Kingdom of Satan (Puritan turn of phrase there) going with the easy current of the Kingdom of Satan.

So the Devil's children will say: "It's not the Bible!" (As if they value the word of God to begin with.) Neither is a Bible commentary. Neither is a systematic theology. Neither is a Bible dictionary. Etc. The questions is: is something on-the-mark or is it off-the-mark, judged by the tribunal, or standard, of the word of God itself? *That* question is considered *boring* to the nominal Christian. They don't value the word of God as the very word of God, they don't even read it. Their demand is to police souls within the Kingdom of Satan.

Well, that is why this is something that occurs on the spiritual battlefield. Once regenerated you are put on that battlefield. Expect war, and fight like a king.


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