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This is incredibly interesting (global flood and plate tectonics)

This video is incredibly interesting:


I have always stated that if you think the global flood is too bizarre to think about then think about the shifting of the continents and an ice age. They are equally bizarre. Little did I know I was drawing in all elements of the actual flood, and this guy (a Dr., a real scientist) shows it. Don't be skeptical, watch. You'll see most of the info in the first half or so of the video above. If you want to see the whole presentation then this is part two:


The initial point about how technology developed in WWII to find submarines opened up a new world under the oceans starts the video out. Very interesting. Many illustrations.

I might be naive because I just saw this, and I might get slammed with some counter-argument after I look into it more, but just see for yourself, if you haven't come across this type of material before.


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