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Found a connection between C. S. Lewis and Ouspensky

Anybody who knows Ouspensky and who has read C. S. Lewis knows Lewis got a great many insights from Ouspensky (and the body of writings generally on the subject of what is called the Work).

This is from the book Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis by Michael Ward:

"He [Lewis] was a keen amateur astronomer who had a telescope on the balcony of his bedroom and enjoyed visiting the Oxford observatory. He knew about such things as Venus' Albedo and was conversant with the broad outlines of the work of such figures in astronomy and physics as Schiaparelli, Ball, Jeans, Eddington, Schrodinger (his Magdalen colleague), and Hoyle, as well as that of more speculative writers such as Dunne, Abbott, Hinton, and Ouspenski."

In a footnote I was led to a book called We Remember C. S. Lewis (ed. Graham):


and was surprised to find that J. I. Packer apparently knew him (Lewis) and wrote an essay for the book. There is also another reference to Ouspenski vis-a-vis C. S. Lewis on page 112. Nothing more than a bare reference though.

I would suspect Lewis probably read New Model of the Universe and perhaps Tertium Organum, though many of his deeper and more striking insights obviously come from Work ideas that Lewis recycled in non-Work language.

And those reading this who have no idea what I'm talking about should probably stay far away from anything written by Ouspensky or any other on-the-mark source for such a teaching that he presented. Very dangerous. I'm speaking out of school as it is. Lewis never spoke out of school, but I probably can get away with it, having .0000000000000000000000000001% the audience he had.


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