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Two facts that give big insight into death but that are not talked about much

If one is pondering the mystery of death - and the reality of something beyond - there are two facts about it that are big facts about death but that don't get talked about much.

1. The fact that people don't freak out when they die. This is a telling fact. Of course each dying person is in a different condition and situation, pain, medication, the amount of time leading up to the moment of passing - if any time - and all that, but all in all we all (as we get older) have seen people on their deathbeds, and for the most part people don't freak out that they are dying or will imminently die. We also see a lot of evidence that they are being conditioned for the moment of passing. Maybe consciously in some cases, or maybe only just unconsciously, but there seems to be a real conditioning from beyond the veil that occurs.

2. The fact that very elderly people (with exceptions, yes, but generally speaking) become more childlike the more frail and elderly they get. This fact is big because it shows the cycle aspect of human life. And when we see cycles in nature we see that life doesn't end at the end of a cycle. And this childlike nature of elderly people is given away also by the unconscious behavior in other people regarding how they talk and react to the elderly person. A young woman at a cash register will unconsciously talk to a very elderly woman as if she were four years old. "And how are *you* today? You're looking very sharp. Out and about in the sunshine?" etc.


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