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On mixed race marriages and creating mixed race offspring

I'm not politically-correct, and I don't fear man's opinion of me, so turn away now before you get outraged...

I was looking at an interview of iconic German woman Heidi Klum and noticing how iconically white she is and attractive and all the rest of it, and also pondering what goes on in her little head regarding birthing babies with her black husband and so on.

From a biblical viewpoint I came up with this as a way to see it. Mixed race marriage is not a problem biblically after the incarnation of Jesus. Those laws national Israel had regarding it were to protect the royal bloodline from Adam to Christ. (Some people will say 'kind after kind' is a relevant point of Scripture against mixing races, but I don't see that as a strong argument. YET--- (hang with me)...

Yet, there is *still* an element of *rebellion* in the white girl who does it. And we all who are honest see that and know it. (The black man just seems like he's getting away with something.) So here's how I see it biblically: if the white girl *knows* her parents would really rather her not marry or produce children with a man of another race then that girl is violating the 5th commandment. She's not honoring her parents.

And we all know most white girls who do this are simply exploiting their power to have sex with anybody they want. And when they present the mixed child to their parents they are eyeing their parents *challenging* them (i.e. accusing them of racism if they don't accept the child), and in this way they are violating the 5th commandment in what amounts to really a very severe degree.

Now if the girl actually has parents who are delighted to have a half-black grandchild, then so be it. But they *really* have to not care, and the girl really has to know that.

So, biblically, the white girl is manifesting rebellion when she knowingly dishonors her parents wishes by presenting them a mixed race child. She's not honoring her parents (and she knows it). God can't trust her either. But I don't speak for God. I just go by His word.

By the way, to the racists and racism accusers: God can create a beautiful master race from the very stones on the ground if He wants to. And this post can be re-written in reverse obviously, but I'll let a non-white person do that. The subject of this post is rebellion against God, ultimately, by the violation of His fifth commandment.


Blogger c.t. said...

I clicked on Heidi Klum on 'What's Trending Now' on the Yahoo homepage thinking her black husband had finally knifed her to death or something (just kidding!), which is how I ended up at a YouTube video of her being interviewed by Conan O'Brien. In case anybody wanted to know. In case anybody is reading, rather.

January 6, 2012 at 7:17 PM  

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