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The shallow, fat, tame slave voice of Satan's Kingdom

Church Christianity is shallow (and worse). Whether it's obviously shallow nonsense or it's Michael Horton Reformed churchian nonsense, it's all shallow.

Michael Horton is an academic Christian who wouldn't know (or believe in) the reality of spiritual warfare if the Devil had him by the throat, to paraphrase Goethe.

This recording:


is pure Satanic nonsense. Actually it's worse than nonsense, but they'd take it as a compliment if I called it anything but nonsense.

What these two churchians of the worst order miss is a) the fact of regeneration, and b) the fact of spiritual battle. And while missing the fact of regeneration they hence also miss the fact that once regenerated a Christian is *able to do.*

Once regenerated you will be a soldier on the battlefield whether you like it or not. These academic fools are fully going with the current of the world and the Devil's kingdom, thus they experience no friction. So their teaching to others is, "Relax! There's no need to *do* anything! There is no battle! There is no battlefield! That is childish nonsense! Be like us! We eat ice cream all day and sit in offices in churches and at seminaries, and we can tell you there aren't any 'forces of evil' trying to get at us! Ha, ha! Come away from that silliness! And as for our so-called inner fallen nature? It's natural! Celebrate it! It's God-given! We wouldn't have such features if God didn't give them to us! Relax! It's all about ritual on Sundays! OK, baptism just once, but then eating crackers! And drinking grape juice! That's it! You're done! Relax! Oh, and read the Bible every now and then! Not too much, though! Ha, ha! Don't want to be an 'enthusiast'! You'll just get it all wrong anyway! Let us read it to you! That's easier for you anyway! Ha, ha. Relax!"

They're the shallow, fat, tame slave voice of Satan's Kingdom.

Christians must provoke their limits and extend their limits for such things as watchfulness and fearing God alone, in the moment, when most difficult, among the other practices Jesus Himself teaches in the New Testament; such teaching that is obviously beyond the church level of Christianity, and so be it.


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