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Curt response to a dispensationalist

[The dispensationalist started off by saying covenant theologians are always saying, "You guys just don't understand us."]

This is silly. It is Dispensationalists who need to resort to such exasperation. Covenant theologians from the Westminster Divines to Louis Berkhof were quite capable of making themselves understood.

I'll use a sports analogy. Dispensationalism is like Arena Football trying to get attention by pretending to be at the same level as the NFL. I.e. it's not a serious debate. When you learn Covenant Theology it is an inwardly-directed study. We are *moved* to learn it and get parts in relation to the whole understanding of it. We end up reading and studying influences such as Vos and Bavinck and the Westminster Divines and Berkhof and Turretin and on and on all set against the raw material of the word of God which we have as foundation; then Dispensationalists (Arena Football enthusiasts) come along and tell us we need to read *Ryrie*. Do you see the difference in scale here? The difference in seriousness?

There is too much at stake for me to even debate Dispensationalists. I stand upon the Pactum Salutis as my very Constitution and legal standing in the Kingdom of God. I see it, I understand it, I was never approached by anybody to learn it (unlike Dispensationalism), but was guided and inspired and illuminated by the Holy Spirit Himself to learn it and get understanding of it.

Arena Football may be entertaining for some people, but biblical doctrine is *armor of God.* With armor you want the real thing. The Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God are all too serious a reality to fool around with anything less than the real thing; with anything less than the real armor of God.


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