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People want their bad doctrine, and you can't take it away from them

Ha, ha, the Reverend is now experiencing what many of us experience on a regular basis, on his own forum as well. The Reverend Buchanan (http://www.puritanboard.com/f15/escondido-theology-72176/#post928586) writes an eminently on-the-mark, well-written post that pretty much should set everybody in the thread straight, and what happens? The spirit of bad doctrine takes over and an otherwise low key Reverend (Winzer) writes a response claiming that the Reverend Buchanan's post will cause all Christians to be slaughtered all over the planet and disappear. So, Reverend Buchanan, welcome to the ranks of Christians who can only step back and scratch their head, raise an eyebrow over one eye, adopt a bemused grin, and wonder how actual wisdom well-spoken means pretty much nothing when the spirit of bad doctrine has got hold of people. People will counter Jesus Christ Himself. To His face. WRONG!


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