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The PuritanBoard on their way to becoming the BarthianBoard


Mainly because they can't discern a rather obvious attack on justification by faith alone. Like the slow hand of a clock, no visible movement yet movement, they traverse over to neo-orthodoxy. They couldn't have their theonomy, so they're going to have *something*, damn it. "And by God it's going to undermine something BIG! You just watch..."

So they've slipped under the influence of some rather shallow Ph.Ds and Ph.D candidates over at Westminster Philadelphia who have found relief from Reformed orthodoxy by chanting, "Union with Christ! It's all union with Christ! What? You disagree? O, brother, can't you see the light? What could you possibly have against union with Christ?!? Cast off that burden of the so-called 'five solas' and its ugly twin sister the so-called 'doctrines of grace'! Cast it off! It's all union with Christ! Just look how much we have to explore now! There's, like, eight hundred and sixty-five volumes of Church Dogmatics! Come on! We're free now!!"


Blogger c.t. said...

Of course they'll be Romanists before they get through the third volume of Church Dogmatics.

February 8, 2012 at 12:38 PM  

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