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Reading Peter Enns and his followers and his peers is like seeing and feeling the sickening manifestation of hell itself

After again reading Peter Enns' blog, and then following links and reading some of his peers, I think the one thing that is most striking in it all is how incredibly unself-aware and juvenile and intellectually mediocre the academics involved are. Not only that but the culture of specialists in academia, how they grant to specialists in other fields a kind of glass-eyed worship (as long as it is returned of course), and how non-serious it all is. In politics we've been taken over by village idiots, but academia seems to be in beyond-village idiot realm.

It is actually sickening being in an environment of such people. I was going to say 'self-identified Christians' who reject or can't see the truth, but at this point I'm not even sure they would identify as Christian.

Again, the analogy I used before of the person who is convicted to a term in prison. Prison guards see the phenomenon. The convict doesn't realize right away that he is no longer in control. He's not awake to the fact that the state *can* lock him up and not let him out. He's got a grin on his face, he jokes with the guards, he greets his new home (cell) humorously, "Hey, I guess we're here, eh?" They escort him in and then leave and shut the thick metal door and lock it. It still hasn't gotten through to the inmate that he is no longer in control. Dinner time rolls around and he's wondering how he gets someone's attention that he needs to go to his favorite restaurant.

Peter Enns and his fellow reprobate (actually vain and juvenile to the point of embarrassment) liberal 'Christian' academics still think they are in control. Who's stopping them? They can mock God and God's people and dictate from the ivory tower and get angry and throw their little credentialed lightning bolts and write books for children and teach in putative conservative seminaries and on and on. Why not? They are in control. God surely isn't, right?

This is why hell exists.


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