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How does one achieve union with Christ?

How does one achieve union with Christ?

This question was put up on a Christian forum. No member of the forum could answer him. The questioner states he does not refer to salvation, but how does one effect being in closer union with Christ in our everyday lives.

In biblical language the answer is: by being awake (watchful) and loving our enemies.

Oh, what is this?!? Systematic theologies don't speak of these things! Why, among churchians there is a silent agreement that we don't speak of such things. Yes, we read of them in what is called the New Testament, but we are in silent agreement that we don't speak of them. Because we don't understand them, frankly. And because we tell ourselves that such things are the cause of 'enthusiasm' which is wicked. Therefore there are wicked teachings in the New Testament thus we need to have a good, sound, healthy *fear of man* and police that fear of man and not speak of such wicked things.

That is why nobody at the so-called Puritanboard could answer the question.


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