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The illusion of difference regarding the people and beliefs of the world

One illusion the world has that prejudices it against the exclusive claims of Christianity is the illusion of all the world's people and world's beliefs being *different.*

They aren't different. All the world's people are descended from Adam, and from Noah's sons after the flood. They were scattered, yes, but they don't have different beginnings. They are the same in origin.

And all the world's beliefs aren't different either. They are all born of the same rebellion to their Creator. The same fallen demand to be able to justify themselves through their own works, whatever their religion or religious views have come to. They all share the same Standard that has been deviated from.

So yogi, fakir, Hindu priest, Buddhist monk, witch doctor, shaman, Mullah, Rabbi what have you...they aren't all different. They are all very similar. They are all sons and daughters of Adam, and they all share the same fallen human nature, which has fallen from the same Standard.


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