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Sanctification made easy 3

Part two is here.

In this subject of sanctification then you will see there is this subject of 'features'. Features of our fallen nature, and features of our new nature.

When we cultivate God's will (rather than self-will) we are cultivating features of our new nature that respond to God's will.

Also, to cultivate God's will we have to mortify the features of our old, fallen nature.

So this subject of 'features' is big. Obviously we have to identify these features. This is where mainstream Christians fall short. The New Testament is full of teaching on these various features, but it is ignored, just as the subject and practice of spiritual warfare is ignored by systematic theologians. It's a great hole that lends credence to the belief that there indeed are different levels of Christianity. As much as that mere possibility really incenses the church set. I'm an order (or school) Christian not a church Christian, by the way. If you feel like mocking that I understand. Though I must point out I am in the invisible Church of which Christ is King.

So what are these features in question? You have to identify them. The features of your fallen nature will have control of you until you shine light on them and identify them. They are very strong when you are ignorant of them and asleep to them. As well the features of your new nature will be unused and uncultivated until you identify them and make efforts to cultivate them.

I've listed them on this blog, and nobody cares, so be it (here's one very concise list). Find these features in the New Testament. You're just screwing around until you do.


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