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What is cool (why evil of course) - AN ASSIGNMENT

[This was an email...]

A lot of discussion of 'cool' in American politics recently. I don't care about that, I want to point out that the trend in this world is always Devil-ward, no matter what. Notice that. It's like a stock market trend. You feel it, you see it, it never disappoints. You can fight it, but the very fact that you have to fight it shows you that it is the trend.

The Devil is the ruler of this world. He's defeated at the cross, but he can still do his thing via deception. And his spirit is in the majority of people on the planet. We are born with his spirit in us. Every new generation a blank slate, probably the biggest advantage the Devil has always had. That is why what took great effort to be built up culturally and civilizationally can be destroyed in *one* generation. That is also why control of education by the state is always the goal of these powers that be. Local control of education is the ideal for freedom.

Anyway, the subject of *cool.* It is cool to see the working of the supernatural realm. But the most common view of the supernatural realm is the realm of the Kingdom of Satan.

It's hard to see the workings of good angels. We can see it in our own lives, every now and then, but the big spectacular historical shows are what Satan and his spiritual children are doing on this planet. People are fascinated with evil because they can see its otherworldly aspects, especially in the big movement, big organized manifestations of evil like the Bolshevik Revolution and what followed it. It's also why there are dozens of Nazi documentaries on cable television for the last several decades. Serial murderers, real life prison documentaries, evil, evil, all things evil, gets a big audience.

I think because we are interested in the supernatural and we see the supernatural in such things. Not that humans don't contribute their own motives all on their own. Original sin and all that, but we also see the supernatural overtones and undertones.

In false religions we get glimpses of the supernatural. Satan is the ruler of this world, the 'prince' of the power of the air. Until the Second Coming this is still 'his time.' And Satan is a master of disguise and illusion. He can even appear as an 'angel of light.'

So here's the assignment. It will require Christian understanding and practice as well as Work understanding and practice: see supernatural manifestations of the Kingdom of God. See them in history. See them around you now. Discern them from the Satanic elements of the supernatural realm. - C.


Blogger c.t. said...

OK, just after I posted this it occurred to me that many Christians will immediately say: "Churches!" I.e. churches are the big manifestation of the Kingdom of God in this world. I won't argue with it, but see my point about how boring such things are compared to the vast light shows of evil on this planet? I also hesitated to list something like the founding of the American constitutional Republic as a manifestation of the Kingdom of God (and I know that will twist the heads of the usual shallow seminary-educated churchians who think there is some kind of correct 'piety' in seeing no influence of Christianity in such things). But again, kind of boring compared to the historical sweep of a good Satanic revolution (French, Bolshevik, what have you) and the aftermath of Satanic control and power and suffering and death and so on.

April 28, 2012 at 12:57 AM  

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