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Again, Michael Horton just is not a serious voice

Look at this post by Michael Horton:


It's exactly what you would expect from him. He sees a news event, a subject that Christians feel strongly about, and so he decides to write something *from an angle* where he gets to a) be his usual troll to Christians in general (he does that by his general use of 'evangelical'), and b) hide behind a plausible motive of just being smarter than the usual theologian (he does have a degree from Oxford, you know, which is, he will explain to you, in England).

None of it is serious. He even avoids taking any concrete stand on the issue one way or another. He just subtly yanks chains, trolls his usual victims and straw men, and generally has a good time with it in his usual way.

When a self-identified Christian behaves this way it's a sign they have no love for other Christians. Michael Horton sees Christians with convictions who suffer when they see the Devil winning battles around them, and because Michael Horton isn't a true believer he gets to laugh at it all and belittle it and mock it in his usual passive-aggressive way.


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