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Look at this sentence

This is from a Wikipedia article on some ideas of a German guy named Carl Schmitt. He's not interesting, or he is not why I'm sending this, I just thought this sentence was interesting:

"Schmitt criticizes political "radicals" as basically ignorant, deluded, pseudo-messianic in mentality, and oblivious to the stark, hard knowledge of unveiled human nature, its esse, encoded in ancient theology, wherein Original Sin held central, axial place..."

"...the stark, hard knowledge of unveiled human nature, its esse, encoded in ancient theology..."

- C.

[the above was an email]


Blogger c.t. said...

Of course Thomas Sowell is your guy if you want to see how intellectuals differ regarding seeing human nature as encoded in ancient theology vs. the 'vision of the annointed' leftist variety intellectuals who consider human beings to be perfectible and so on. The former Sowell calls the tragic vision.

Of course, Sowell, when you get to know him by his writings, doesn't seem interested in the underlying spiritual nature of these positions, yet he explains them well nevertheless.

His latest book is an update, or new revised, expanded version, of his Intellectuals and Society. Here's a good interview recently done with him:


May 12, 2012 at 1:53 AM  

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