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Mark of Cain and Curse of Ham

Pondering the mark of Cain I concluded that it was something God did to Cain to disguise him from his family which he was no longer welcome in, and Adam being ruddy complected and all it seems that the mark of Cain was to make him black. Then I also connected that to the curse of Ham in various ways. Seemed to fit. Being naive I then went to Google to see if others had come to that conclusion, and I found out how ignorant and racist (and stupid for reading the Bible to begin with) I am.

So here's the punchline.

I went to the *Urban Dictionary* and looked up Mark of Cain:

1. Another word for niggers. He killed his brother Abel and was banished. Nature would no longer support him. The blackness of the nigger is the mark of cain.

OK. So far so good. So then I looked up Curse of Ham in the Urban Dictionary:

Coonery Curse

"Most believe that it comes from the Curse of Ham...Others believe it is the lack of knowledge and education inside the Black Communities...The word is derived from manditory greed and selfishness instead of selflessness..Concentrated areas with African Americans and heavy hopelessness to the point of laziness and irrational thought proccess leading to no greater progress and success....Examples of this would be as follows: Trash everywhere in the set environment including near sewage drains by homes, Having no interest in reading any books besides Sports Illustrated and Ebony,Believing the only way to "Getting Rich" is through activities that dont require much brain power like Music, Sports, and Drugs, Creating fixes for oneself including Drugs, Fancy Cars, and "spotlight" attire before having the proper financials, Always working against ones brother leading to "Crab in a Bucket" Theory, and still blaming the Caucasians for every problem or issue that happens in there lives."

So all I got from the white people was: "Racist!" "Garbage!" "We are ALL God's children, and He loves all of us, creep!!!" "We're all one color just different shades! Go back to your KKK meeting!!" "The Bible's garbage!"

Yet from the Urban Dictionary "another word for niggers" and "coonery curse."

You come to your own conclusions. Young Earth Creationists have a problem with the races, it seemeth to me. Micro evolution would need more time to create such wild differences as Caucasians and Negroids and so forth. Ham's wife is a culprit here (if you're thinking about post-flood). Yes, it's what the Mormons believe, or used to believe, but so what, you don't have to be a Mormon to be a racist, KKK, ignoramous, creep.


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