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The obvious is not so obvious

[This was an email in a long, on-going conversation about the Christian faith with people who are in various stages of being introduced to Reformed Theology and the 'power of Reformed Theology'...]

When you catch on to the complete picture you realize how much of the spirit world is involved in everything going on around you. Obviously currently it is the Kingdom of Satan and those powers and principalities that are most active in terms of numbers, but that's because God's people are mostly currently sleepwalking and taking other things more seriously (being in strong identification) with various illusion and vain things. Once you awaken in the moment you are actually used, can be used, by real will (God's will), as a participant in the battle and the development (the harvest is big, the workers are few) of God's Kingdom.

There's an on-going analogue in the spirit world with our physical presence in this world. Our spirit, which is part of our soul, is connected to a source of life in the spirit world. Our spiritual body exists in the spiritual world and what happens to it is reflected in what happens to us in the physical world and vice versa.

Biblical doctrine is the truth that we actually wear in the spiritual world. Our understanding determines the extent of our apparel in terms of it being armor of light/armor of God. A novice perhaps only has a plain white garment. A fully developed knight with great understanding has the full armor of God and a strong, battle-tested horse (horses always symbolize emotion and in this sense emotion under control and higher emotion).

Before regeneration our spirit body is in Hades, or in the part of Hades that the devil controls, or is allowed to control. Regeneration then makes our spirit body actually move out of that dark place into the light, or the part of Hades (or maybe even out of Hades altogether now that Jesus led captivity captive at his death on the cross), and we see this process happen in how the world reacts to it here in the physical world. We're now behind enemy lines here. But we have the armor of God. By degree. And understanding which is sort of the temper of the metal of our armor.

In this all there is a lot of grinning that is done by the spiritual children of the devil, especially the hardened ones, the old veterans in this world (I'm thinking of some wizened yogis as they look about at the children of the west, for instance). They grin at the naivete. The continuing naivete. The innocent stupidity. Maybe we're not so innocent if we are able to act from God's will even just a 'little bit', and sometimes seeming innocent and naive is a defensive stance, but you know what I mean.

In other words, it's all around us, it's obvious, and we are asleep. We are sleepwalking through it all. And still demanding and arguing for the various illusions and fake light shows of the devil's kingdom.

The phrase 'seeing the power of Reformed theology' has to do with seeing all this, the parts in relation to the whole, and how the connection to the Kingdom of God and having the armor of God and seeing our true nature, and seeing the plan of God is all power for us. It is against human nature, or the human nature that is our fallen nature. Christianity is the only teaching that goes against our fallen nature. This is the strong connection with the Work teaching. It is against our features of false personality, against Imaginary 'I', against self-will. It's about inner re-orientation from self-will or self-centeredness to God's will (Real Will) or God centeredness. - C.


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