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Church leaders...

Church leaders...hmm... They need to be servants *with real understanding.* They tend to be seminary educated individuals with all the shallowness of secular academia and all the silly intellectual vanity of secular academia. Not to mention the practice of 'respecting of persons' they carry with them from the silly 'club.'

They get angry when they're challenged. People who have understanding don't get angry when challenged. People with understanding don't even consider themselves teachers. They teach, yes, but like apple trees grow apples. They know how to talk to people. Interact. A sign of the immaturity of church 'leaders' is they don't know how to talk to people.

Now let's talk about the *fear of man* environment that develops in churches and is policed by the hierarchy (hierarchy? in Protestant churches? how did that happen?). An individual who fears God alone and not man will inevitably be seen as an unwanted presence. A 'challenge' to 'leadership.'

Can I just go to a church to find a quiet place to read and meditate (Puritan style) and pray? No, apparently. That's not on the schedule. No sanctuary there. Bookstores seem to be the Christian's sanctuary. Interesting that nobody at the bookstores thinks I'm there to kidnap children or generally disrupt. It's obvious that I'm there for books. I.e. it's obvious who is there for books and who is there to cause trouble. The troublemakers are obvious and asked to leave. Nobody had to sign anything to enter.

The analogy is pure. Yes, I say pure. If you can see it.


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