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Articulating unspoken aspects of the Christian experience

All the language of 'love Christ' and 'know Jesus Christ' and similar language refers really, doesn't it, to the plan of God itself? Because 'love Christ' and 'know Christ' has to be based on who He is and what He did. Otherwise it comes across as meaningless pious drivel.

This shows the importance of knowing the true school of biblical doctrine. Federal Theology. The two Adams. Jesus (the second Adam) came to fulfill what the first Adam failed to fulfill.

The first Adam at the fall put us all under the curse of death and bondage to the Kingdom of Satan, with no possibility of us remedying the situation by anything we can do, and Jesus Christ came and remedied it for us thus the good news. That is 'knowing Jesus', and knowing that and valuing being set free and saved it follows that we 'love Jesus.'

We seem to have been *passive* in the whole playing out of it though which puts a kind of veil over the whole process for us, like, we didn't even really know it was all happening until we found ourselves to be regenerated by the word and the Spirit and then kind of began to see it in hindsight. I mean, that is a fact we all have to deal with and factor in in how we see it all. Otherwise we, I guess, have to try to fake a lot of emotion that was never there, or what have you.

But knowing the plan of God is a big thing. Once you do. And progressive sanctification (mortifying the old nature, cultivating the new nature) calls for an active role.


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