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Federal Theology puts Waiting for Godot into perspective

An example of how Federal Theology can explain the world around us... Read this passage from Thomas Boston's Human Nature in its Fourfold State:

"Though you should do all you are able to do [the subject is man thinking he can save himself merely by being good or doing good works or what have you], in vain do you hope to be saved in that way. What word of God is this hope of yours founded on? It is founded on neither law nor Gospel; therefore it is but a delusion."

I.e. such behavior is founded neither on the Covenant of Works, which fallen man can't fulfill now anyway, nor is it founded on the Covenant of Grace, or in Jesus Christ simply by having faith in Him and appropriating His obedience to the law and his paying of the penalty Adam brought down on us all.

Now think of the description of humankind's lot by the philosophers. The 'absurdity' of our existence. The lack of 'authenticity' in our existence. The 'angst' and 'despair' of our existence.

Because what man engages in is neither law nor Gospel. To try to be saved by doing the law would be Sisyphean anyway, but it is only the Gospel route that is not meaningless and empty and vain.

In other words, so why all this feeling of despair and angst and sense of absurdity and lack of authenticity? Because until man is drawn towards the Gospel and is regenerated he will exist in this absurd no-man's-land; i.e. his actions and thoughts and words will have no real meaning and will not amount to anything because in the end is death and hell. And the sense of 'unfairness' is also woven into the absurdity. It is the life of the blind leading the blind, torturing the blind, lecturing the blind, devouring the blind, mocking the blind, killing the blind around and around in an absurd dance of delusion and nothingness.

And the living word of God is the wild card. When a person either reads the word of God or has it spoken to him by a believer then that person is then in the environment where regeneration will potentially happen, when it happens. It's all the work of the Spirit as well. But when a person hears the word and mocks or turns away that is perhaps a hardening that is or has taken place, but even then we can't know. In time the person may be awakened by the word and the Spirit.


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