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If you have discernment you'll see the work of the Devil here

The title of the article/video is: eBooks Gone in 5 Years?

The key passage is this:

For some time now, Virginia Quarterly Review’s Jane Friedman has been trying to wean readers away from the standard idea of “The Book” as the inevitable goal. Here she is, in a piece from October, asking “What is your killer medium?”:

"The book is often assumed to be the most authoritative and important medium, but that’s only because we’ve all been led to believe that (through a culture that has created The Myth about the author as authority). It’s a Myth, neither good nor bad. Just a belief system that, increasingly, we’re all moving away from."

This is one of the new lines of attack by the Spiritless in academia. I've read this elsewhere. The notion that the written word is no more special than visual arts or video or any other medium.

This is an attack by the Spiritless (what I call atheists in general, but just all unbelievers no matter how enthusiastic and conscious they are of their state of rebellion from their Creator).

The Spiritless *know* that the written word is how God delivers His revelation, and they *know* the written word leads people to God. This is the foundational motive of their new line of attack on the written word as the preeminent or most-important medium. (Keep in mind the Satan-controlled Roman Catholic Church encouraged illiteracy and kept the written word of God away from people. Satan knows what regenerates. It is not visual medium. It is not ritual. It is the written word of God.)

Also, short of regeneration the Spiritless know it is the written word when engaged with seriousness and with focused attention and thought is what develops understanding in people. Such understanding undermines the tyrannical political goals of the Spiritless. They need a dumb populace. Tyranny needs a dumbed down populace to get the tyranny established, then they enforce a dumbed down status through policing power.

As a Christian I say loudly I *hate* atheists, I *hate* the worthless garbage that teaches in our institutions of higher learning, and I *hate* tyranny. Added to that I *love* the fact that King Jesus will return and put all that human garbage in its place. Hell.

Sound harsh? Why? These fools and devils have *heard* the call. We live in a time when everybody has heard the call. Time to get on with the harvesting.

The answer to this new attack, by the way, is to go back to reading deeply the handful of inspired works of history, imaginative literature, philosophy, and sacred writings. Find your books and make them a part of you at the level of essence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tyranny needs a dumbed down populace to get the tyranny established, then they enforce a dumbed down status through policing power."

The other day I noticed some new street signs that went up which stated something to the effect:
"Be proactive in deterring crime, report to the police anything you feel is suspicious *anomalously*, we will not ask for your name. blah blah blah"

It made me sick, this not only says something about the powers that be but the sheepishness of the populace to allow things to get this far. Its only a few steps away from a police state, and its happening right under our very noses.

July 10, 2012 at 3:59 PM  
Blogger c.t. said...

If a sign like this is just about trying to catch people stealing copper wire and similar crimes we've been hearing about I can see the use of it. I don't know if I'd put it in the police state category. It's pretty natural when you see a crime to report it. Under normal rule of law.

But it's when the state is able to convince people that up is down and black is white and tyranny is actually freedom. That is the dumbing down. All totalitarian states create this unreality. It's not talked about much by historians, but it's one reason you can't let people redefine the language or get away with obviously crazy statements and beliefs like what academia promotes regularly. This one I am highlighting is saying: You can learn about Christianity from pictures and icons just as easily as you can from the written word. They are actually promoting this nonsense.

July 10, 2012 at 9:33 PM  

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