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[Originally an email.]

When I originally wrote the title of this email I typo-ed it as 'Seaparation'. Don't know what that means.

But I wanted to write a note about separation. When you delve into real Christian doctrine to the saturation degree of a work like Boston's Human Nature in its Fourfold State you really see there is a separation called for, or needed, or just practically involved in knowing and being - understanding - the Faith.

I.e. there is the walking around in unconscious delusion vs. the real time knowledge of our true state and condition and the only remedy for it.

And you really - REALLY - have to buy into it. Of course the Holy Spirit influencing you will have something to say about that, but even as a regenerated being you still have to consciously accept it. Continually be shocked into the reality of it.

And it does separate you from the world, there is no denying it.

It's not a pious, holier-than-thou separation, or a, for instance, monkish separation. It's just a real separation.

Like, I was sitting in my car in a bookstore parking lot, and a typical couple walked by in front of me, and I was thinking how they know nothing (most likely) of - basically - what is really going on (as the Bible explains it). Nothing of God's plan. Nothing of their fallen state. Nothing of their current blindness and sleep regarding their state. Nothing of the remedy. Their body language and dress and everything else suggested a very limited range of vanities occupied their minds at any given time of their days. (And, again, of course who knows...maybe they were active, knowledgeable Christians, and we don't get visible haloes and all that, but you know what I mean...)

Seaparation would be like a Joycean word.

Seaparation. You're separated out of this sea of delusion and sleep.

I think we may even be in a different time scale, though still obviously able to operate in this world with everyone else. It's these higher aspects of time that I believe answer some of the questions we have regarding the seemingly unregenerate. Questions not intended to downgrade hard truth biblical doctrine, but to understand God's plan and how it is effected. He - in this case the Holy Spirit - acts from eternity in individuals which - eternity that is - has an access to our linear time that is rather radical and beyond our ability to perceive without getting into really rather pedestrian visual metaphor mostly involving circular motion and revolutions and so on. Higher aspects of time aren't easily captured by our limited perception. - C.


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