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An email on sundry things

I hope **** is feeling well. Somebody can get under the weather in a thousand different ways and you never know it in cyberville. I'm thinking more that perhaps he overdosed on 20th century evil reading that Max Hastings book [Inferno]. I've just been looking at videos of Nazi medical experiments and executions and Liberian violence and on and on, and you can really overdose on such impressions. But use it to recognize the Kingdom of Satan that this world is. Use it to recognize the existence of evil. Use it to validate biblical doctrine.

Remember when we wake up we wake up to the fact that we are in a bad place, for the most part. This is partly why people don't want to wake up. In fact it's why they get mad when anyone tries to awaken them.

People can get overwhelmed by it all.

Notice how humans individually and as a mass just kind of pretend such evil is not real? I guess if it's not happening to us that is easy to do. Plus, it's easy to be ignorant of such things. Willfully ignorant or not.

It's a hellish thing. The victims become the victimizers. The torturers become the tortured. Up is made to be down, good is made to be evil. Everything arbitrary and helter-skelter.

I can feel such impressions in me now from watching them. I think I'm pretty immune, ultimately, though.

We don't want to play around with such influences too much though. Influences and impressions have effect. Positive ones have effect, negative ones. I know classical music has a real effect on me once I listen to it exclusively. Also, I always remember how the Homeric epics - violent though they are, still it's metaphorical of inner being and development - gave me a feeling of health and restart. That makes us sound robotic, but impressions are food, and we are discerning regarding what we eat, aren't we? - C.


Blogger c.t. said...

Another thing about waking up is we are then confronting with things in our past that we had blanked out. This is part of the war with the flesh, our inner being. This can be *very* unpleasant. Not just things where maybe others did things to us, but things where we were in the wrong or did embarrassing things and so on.

There are these things inside us we need to shine light on, expose, see, get understanding of, sort of 'cancel' out by seeing in ourselves what we dislike in others, or just seeing ourselves in a true light and seeing how our experience correlates to what the Bible says about us and our sinful fallen nature.

A good metaphor is that of the dragon in a cave. We, as the knight, have to confront these dragons and slay them, so to speak. When they reside in the dark inside us they control us because we don't know they are there.

We always have to remember though that we are not innocent. And our being attracts our life. That is hard to accept, but it's a healthy starting point when dealing with these things and transcending them in a real way.

August 14, 2012 at 11:16 PM  

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