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Another great intellectual and man of faith converts to darkness

Some guy named Tyler McNabb is advertising his conversion to Romanism. He lists his accomplishments in the faith in a blog post (the blog seems to have been taken down since) in which he seemed to have everything but regeneration. Which suggests he probably didn't have much living word of God. But, here is one thing he wrote:

"I had no idea that Calvin taught baptismal regeneration"

I actually don't know how someone could come to this conclusion based on Calvin's more known writings, but I always like to point out Calvin's 40th sermon on Ephesians written close to the end of his life. In it Calvin sounds like early Zwingli concerning baptism (it's for simple people who need the visual [paraphrase]). And he mocks rather forcefully any who would think ritual water baptism regenerates:

"In popery, baptism is like a charm, because they think there is no salvation, except by the water. [Y]et it is a diabolical opinion that baptism is able of itself to save us." John Calvin's Sermons on Ephesians, Banner of Truth, pg. 580.

It's really a bad joke that these new converts to Rome are considered newsworthy and that people mourn over them and so on because obviously they were never regenerated by the word and the Spirit to begin with. The problem in the environments they came out of is regeneration is considered a subject one is not supposed to talk about. It's how they protect themselves. Regeneration shows up the juvenile intellectualism and vanity that is rampant in Protestant Reformed circles, so they have to actually mock the fact of it (John Owen wrote about this long ago). This is also why they so easily turn away from the word of God as handed down in a received stream by the Holy Spirit Himself and so giddily embrace ever-changing bibles constructed by scholars. The word of God can't be something they look up to, but it must be a document they look down on and consider it to need them more than they need it.

Also, never (never) underestimate the possibility that people who convert to Rome are doing it because they lust for darkness to hide something that gives them more pleasure than following God.


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