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Or I could just state that Christians are prophets, priests, and kings and leave it at that

Benjamin Keach wrote these points regarding the duties of church members to their pastor. They are wildly unChristian:

1. It is the duty of every member to pray for his Pastor and Teachers.

Regenerate Christians don't do things because someone says it is a 'duty'. Regenerate Christians do things because it is what they are. Apple trees produce apples, and not out of duty. Christians pray for others when they are inspired to pray for others, not out of some mechanical duty.

2. They ought to show a reverential estimation of them, being Christ’s ambassadors, also called Rulers, Angels, etc.

This is repulsive. Christians don't 'revere' man. Christians revere God alone. Reverence for man is a mark of a worldling living in deep sleep in the world. To fear and revere God alone comes with *not* fearing or revering man.

3. It is their duty to submit themselves unto them, that is, in all their exhortations, good counsels, and reproofs.

This too is silly. Christians don't submit themselves to any man, but to the word of God and their King. Regenerate Christians are prophets, priests, and kings. Any gathering of Christians must be a gathering of kings, i.e. equals. Usually on a battlefield. Metaphorically speaking.

4. It is their duty to take care to vindicate them from the unjust charges of evil men, or tongue of infamy, and not to take up a reproach against them by report, nor to grieve their spirits, or to weaken their hands (Jer 20:10; Zeph 2:8; 2 Cor 11:21, 23).

We all catch hell from the devil's children, don't we? We all experience false witness and have our glories turned to shame. It is part of the experience of being a Christian. Common-sense filters out the obvious attacks that are not true, and good will towards fellow believers plays a role in navigating such matters as well.

5. It is the duty of members to go to them when under trouble or temptations.

Go to a mere man? Why? And why a 'duty'? What is this view of pastors as some sort of higher being? This is truly repulsive.

6. It is their duty to provide a comfortable maintenance for them and their families, suitable to their state and condition.

Everybody needs to eat. Even higher beings.

7. It is their duty to adhere to them and abide by them in all their trials and persecutions for the Word.

Yeah, but trials and persecutions for the word and for being followers of Christ are not limited to pastors.

8. Dr. Owen adds another duty of the members to their Pastor, viz., to agree to come together upon his appointment.

Yes, a general rule is you need to leave a group if you have little or no respect for the teacher/leader of the group.


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