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The striking language of cosmoses in biblical doctrine

It is worth remembering that Biblical doctrine, Biblical language, reveals strikingly a language of cosmoses.

This is not explored by theologians of any era, that I know of.

Jesus' language is clear, though, when you are aware of the language of cosmoses. I in He, and you in Me. I the Branch, you the vine. Being cut from one source and connecting to another source.

The closest I've seen is Puritan Thomas Watson and John Calvin referring to man as microcosmos.

But the language of Jesus is clearly the language of cosmoses. Obviously the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God are different cosmoses in this real sense. We are born connected to the former, and become connected to the latter by regeneration.

And the life source is talked of. Jesus being a fountain of water and life that never ceases. That is cosmos talk. Energy that emerges from out of the inside of a cosmos. Drink from Me and you will never thirst.

This presence of the language of cosmoses is a striking thing to see and remember.


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