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Practical Christianity, Pt. 3

"Well, but there's this occult business. Being awake in the moment is occult business. I tried it once and some demons stole my pants and made me bray like a donkey."

This is actually your best protest. There is an issue of danger in all this. You put yourself on spiritual ground when you provoke your limits to be awake in the moment. Ground where the forces of light and darkness do battle. If you are not developed to the point where you can in the least degree handle it then you're better off not being there. Of course you are probably not regenerated by the word and the Spirit either.

I believe in a two-tier Christianity. Unregenerate self-identified Christians, and regenerate self-identified Christians.

If you are regenerate you will have a basic degree of ability to handle being in spiritual warfare, and being where spiritual warfare takes place. (In fact you won't have a choice in the matter, so you might as well take the initiative.)


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