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Carl Trueman and Andrew Sullivan

Carl Trueman sometimes to me reads and sounds like ex-Brit leftist gay blogger Andrew Sullivan. That's not good for a theologian.

I mean, for one he moralizes like Andrew Sullivan about America. On Dabney, for instance, the British Empire starts slavery all over our geographical neighborhood, the *worst kind*, i.e. the worst slave codes, then *imports* that worst kind to the American south, everybody's stuck with it, and Carl Trueman blames R. L. Dabney.

An aside: Trueman once compared King James I to Adolf Hitler (because, you see, Trueman can't just simply mock the King James Version, which is what he was doing on the Reformed Forum podcast, he has to some how smear it with the name Hitler).

Also, like Andrew Sullivan, Carl Trueman has that *please me* thing going on. "I don't like this. I like this. I use to not like that, but now I like it, so it's OK for all of you to like it now too." Really, Carl?


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