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Seeing the hidden obvious

We’re all going to die, so it’s helpful to think in terms of cosmoses (look at one of those NASA Blue Marble photos of Earth if you want to see a living cosmos in full) when we engage biblical teaching and think about life and death. It really is about cosmoses and connection, or union, and mystical change and cosmic warfare; only when it is the true, or pure religion, i.e. on-the-mark biblical Christianity, it is real. Everything else is just screwing around in hell.

In other words, we show interest in esoteric material that gives us knowledge of the mystery of our existence and so forth, but right under our noses, if we can scrape away accumulated impressions that negate it all, is the actual revelation of our Creator, the Bible; and, here's the big point: it speaks in similar terms - language of cosmoses, union, a mystical process of being called and drawn upward, and having our will changed and so on, and yet it is the truth. And it repulses us the most at first because it is the truth, and the truth is not what our fallen nature wants to hear. But in a mysterious way we are effectually called.

At this point the theologians lose their confidence in what takes place next. They are confident in worship practices (though they vary with each other), but anything else, things especially which require a lot of separation from the world and unique effort they are not as confident about. We are really kind of on our own. We and the Holy Spirit. Not really on our own, that puts it wrong, but needing to be prophets, priests, and kings in a real way ourselves.


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