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White Horse Inn

The four boys of the White Horse Inn seem intent on importing secular academic shallowness and man-fearing into the Reformed faith.

And their ridiculous performance style gives them away as perhaps not holding to what they claim to hold to. When biblical doctrine is delivered in an affected quirky manner it is the person or people doing it saying, even unconsciously, that they really don't value what they are saying. All that "Yup!" and theatrical "Uh, hum..."s and projecting breathless "Wow"s after the recitation of any verse of Scripture is a bit quirky. Not to mention all the straw men put forth, usually always to mock or denigrate the intelligence of Protestants (never Romanists).

One doesn't detect any value of classical influences - history, poetry, especially - in these boys. Nor does one detect the bold stance of fearing God alone one sees in the first and second generation reformers whose doctrine these four boys claim to hold to. One sees a rather obsequious fear of man, and in particular a fear of secular academic opinion.


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