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Michael Horton

I just listened through this garbage again, the White Horse Inn (that would be the Romanist White Horse Inn, not the famous one of history, the other one where Romanists like these four Musketeers of stupid reside).

It's actually difficult to articulate how repulsive Michael Horton is. Obviously he's shallow. Obviously he has a naive self-awareness. Obviously he's a bit dense in his thinking a degree from Oxford is worth anything today beyond applause one might receive at a dinner engagement in Davos, Switzerland after giving an earnest speech on global warming and how best to loot national treasuries larded with several anecdotes and jokes about how stupid Americans are. And, no, he won't understand that last sentence. Neither will any of the other Musketeers of dumb on his show.

But he is really digging a unique hole to reside in. His take on Scripture has become almost unrecognizable even in the common panoply of false teachings. He's desperate to maintain his Reformed reputation, but his Romanism and disdain for anything Protestant has grown to such a degree that he's really having to stretch the boundary in which he can operate.

The one question to ask him that would cut through all the garbage and get to the heart of his problem is this: How long have you feared that you are unregenerate?

Actually, I think he's beyond fear now, and fully into rage at God and hatred for God's word and the pure doctrine Reformed Theology represents.

What specifically is he presenting in the name of Reformed Theology? The usual Romanist Beast doctrine: exalting cleric and ritual above the word and the Spirit; justifying his 'anger of Cain' for the regenerate by not just twisting Scripture, but reading it in a really strange pomo fashion where Jesus and Michael Horton are merged into a single entity and everybody else in the scene gets to wear the dunce cap, including all the disciples (not just the obviously stupid crowd, who resemble American Christians in so many ways); telling Christians that they can't do anything, that there's no point in trying to do anything, just eat crackers and drink grape juice and listen to liberal academic Reformed theologians, and basically stay infantile in your faith because you're stupid Americans and Protestants at that and he can't have you developing in any way or thinking you are - this he has trouble getting out of his throat - regenerated by the word and the Spirit or something.

I've always said these liberal academic Reformed types like Michael Horton make John Calvin look like a bare foot mystic, but they've gone beyond that at this point. Or actually they're just simply demonstrating what John Owen wrote centuries ago: "As among all the doctrines of the gospel, there is none opposed with more violence and subtlety than that concerning our regeneration by the immediate, powerful, effectual operation of the Holy Spirit of grace; so there is not scarce anything more despised or scorned by many in the world than that any should profess that there hath been such a work of God upon themselves, or on any occasion declare aught of the way and manner whereby it was wrought... yea, the enmity of Cain against Abel was but a branch of this proud and perverse inclination."


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