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The living language of the word of God challenges our level of being

It is axiomatic and should always be kept in mind: the living language of the word of God challenges your level of being. Always. In all ways. When you go to them and they give you a sense of weariness, your level of being is being challenged. When you read them and even the promises of glory and higher existence seem tedious, your level of being is being challenged. When they seem strange or like having nothing to do with you or you can't get much from them, your level of being is being challenged.

So the proper response is: when your limits are being provoked, make then a little more effort to extend your limits.

One thing that can inspire one to just read the Bible consistently (i.e. just read it, page by page, cover to cover, like trekking over a continent from ocean to ocean) is this: it is higher visual language. Living language. And once inside you it enables you to see things in yourself and in the world around you that you couldn't see before. You have to have the language inside you before you can see what you couldn't see otherwise. This new ability doesn't become known to us immediately, but it's like planting a crop that will manifest in another season in time. Even then we tend to become acclimated to things, so we might not see anything new in us, but it will be there. (The Homeric epics - Iliad and Odyssey - do this as well, obviously not in the same category as the word of God, but a pure and powerful and universal higher visual language is contained in them having to do with inner development of level of being; and they are - especially the Iliad - a challenge to read as well.)


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