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How false teachers admit to truth

The thoroughly odious false teacher Peter Enns was allowing my comments on his blog for a couple of weeks, but I had never made a direct hit on him. Today I did, and even though he seems to have changed his policy to allow comments from more than just useful idiot yes-men he deleted my comment. This is how false teachers admit to truth. By what they actually ban from their presence and the presence of their following of useful idiots. Here is my comment:

"Mr. Enns, you continue to pose this so-called problem in the most cartoonishly (and ignorant) way possible. 97% of scientists believe in *micro* evolution (otherwise know as dog breeding, now being done at ever smaller scale). Actually I hope 100% of scientists do. That is the *lab science* associated with the term evolution. You are conflating *that* with Darwinian *macro* evolution, which is not operative science but is speculative or historical science solely. It is the theory that fish turn into race horses. It's never been observed, never been proven from the fossil record or any other means, and is the main arena atheist scientists play in to use 'the theory of evolution' as a club to hit Christians over the head with. The fossil record and micro biology in general have caused most scientists to abandon Darwinian macro evolution (other than as a useful tool to attack Christianity still, which they still use it for, to the degree of still teaching decades old known hoaxes in school text books). At this point honest atheist scientists who have abandoned Darwinian macro evolution but who can never bring themselves to accept the word of God pretty much state their position this way: "We'll stay in suspended animation for however long it takes to come up with something better, but until then we will never accept supernatural creation." So be it. It's now time to present this subject in a more intelligent and accurate way (even if it makes your books look a bit silly and unnecessary)."


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