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Short note on visionary seeing

Short overview of the Kingdom of God:


About 11 paragraphs. This subject gives me visionary overview insight into world history. You can see the children of Satan today with the same anger and resentment and lunatic desire to usurp God and God's people on this planet. They focus on the Holy Land, and they focus on Christian nations. Present reality gets broken up into myriad pieces and confuses, but true vision is seeing the more simple picture. This is true with the Bible. I.e. this is what the Bible actually teaches us to do. The Devil and his program and influence is represented by many different names and events and peoples and places and ideas and so on in the Bible, just as what is good and true has different guises in a similar manner; so when you can see both in the simplicity that unites all the disparate reflections you are seeing at a higher level.


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