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Song about lost Eden

I've written some posts on pop songs that unwittingly touch on biblical themes. The Doors song Come On, Come On, Come On Now Touch Me Babe; the Who's Who are You? (the full version of that song with the final verse included, in that link it starts at 4.46), etc. Here is a song that unbeknownst to the song writers is about the lost Eden. The song is Once Upon a Time. It could very well be titled Adam's Song:


The Bobby Darin version here is the best. A commenter points out that this was close to his death, and he is out of breath as he's singing.

It's about Adam and Eve and their love. The first verse shows this.

In the second verse you get mention of a 'hill', in the Garden of Eden was the mountain, or hill, of God. You also have mention of a tree. A tree that was lost. The Tree of Life. Lost to fallen man, but not ultimately to those who have faith. There are even echoes of Adam in the 'counting all the stars'...

The final verse speaks for itself.


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