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The ho hum dance of death

I was watching some videos of Chechens torturing and killing Russian prisoners. Very brutal. Playfully brutal. Ugly, violent, crude butchering.

It made me think of God and the angels and how they view such things. I think it is nothing to them because that is what fallen human beings do. I.e. that is just what they do. Now, if there is somebody caught up in it who is not supposed to be caught up in it I think they move in and change the scene, the event. But generally the people involved...the torturers and the tortured are there by their level of being. In recurrence. The torturer becomes the tortured, the tortured becomes the torturer. That is why it is nothing to God and the angels. The general activity of fallen man. Man in rebellion. In the case of Chechens and Russians it is generally Muslims vs. atheists. Gross idolators of a false god vs. mocking idolators of self. Idolators killing idolators. (Is there a true martyr in there now and again? Probably.)

In other words, the killing is ho-hum. From a higher perspective. The killer and the victim actually enjoy it. It's a dance. A dance of death. From under the sun, to Hades, to under the sun, to Hades. Or, "the land of graves" as one of the laughing Chechen soldiers put it to a Russian about to get his throat cut.


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