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Being home vs. being in pilgrimage

Had another conversation. She is very intelligent and accomplished, and I could tell she was getting a little depressed in the "So what is it all about" sort of way, even though she knows the plan of God.

So I came up with this subject... The subject of being *home* vs. being in a pilgrimage.

The Kingdom of God - Heaven - is HOME for us. We are not home now. We are pilgrims now who have left the City of Destruction (which wasn't our home either) to take to the Way which leads to the Celestial City (which is home).

But we confuse our experience here as being 'home' when it isn't and never was.

When we think of our real home - our destination as pilgrims - we can see how all our anxiety and philosophical ennui will come to an end there, because *real home* is not something we've experienced yet. And when truly there it will be different than anything we've known.

We won't get there - our real home - for instance and then say, but now what? Where do we go now? What do we do now? What is it all about? You don't do that when you are at true home. You live and exist and probably it resembles what we see in some of the old cartoons where they don't seem to be in historical time just a forest, grass, sun, some animals talking to each other, a farmer (for those who can't tell I'm joking just a little)... Maybe like an old English village in the country with nothing always *encroaching* (war, new technology, barbarians, downgraded mores) and, of course, we will have glorified bodies and be in a glorified natural world. Thus the Bible tells us man cannot know what is being held in store for us, in so many words... (1Co 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.)

But the main point is when depressed just remember you are not at your real home now, you are in a pilgrimage now. When at your real home everything will be different.

One little postscript: Yes, I know, there are Reformed types who take great pleasure in telling people heaven isn't home for a Christian, but that Jesus comes back to this real world right here; and another thing, that we don't get diaphanous spiritual bodies to float around in with the clouds and stuff because our physical bodies resurrect and so on. These juvenile delinquents think that you have to give lip service to all things physical and earthy to be 'cool' and so on. A good cigar, some spirits (which they don't like the taste of but pretend they like it), a big steak, a good round of healthy, sweaty sex with their wives and you get the picture. Where God is is heaven. If heaven and earth are not like layers of a cake but interpenetrate each other it is still heaven, and it will be our *home.* And resurrected physical bodies will be nothing like our fallen flesh bodies now. Just because there is a connection between the seed planted and the flower grown let's not give the impression to the world that Stanley over there who was born with one leg shorter than the other will have one glorified leg shorter than his other glorified leg in the afterlife.


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