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Loving our enemies is a matter of self-interest

If we're to love our enemies now, but to hate our enemies at the consummation, then the love we have for them now is obviously pure self-interest on our part.

Which is what the New Testament teaches. If we hate our enemies (now, in this era before the consummation) they win, the devil wins, the world wins. We become a part of them. If we love our enemies we build our being and become conformed to the image of the Son.

But it's a tactical love done in self-interest because at the consummation we would be in rebellion to God Himself if we loved His and our enemies.

If someone wants to posit that the love can be more than self-interest due to the fact that we can't know who in the end will no longer be in rebellion to God then fine; but even if we can't know, the act of loving our enemies is still an act of self-interest in the context of it happening in real time. Because in real time they are real enemies. If down the line they are quickened by the Spirit then so be it.


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