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Resentment vs. gratitude - hell vs. the Royal attitude

The more it really sinks in with me, the more I apply it to events taking place, the more I see the foundational, central place of resentment vs. gratitude in everything including Christianity and development of being.

Gratitude gets lost as a central Christian teaching. Gratitude is the ruling attitude (or should be) in a Christian once they have seen their guilt and seen how grace deals with their guilt. After that it is all gratitude.

Gratitude in a Kingdom of God sense is the great reigning attitude. The Royal attitude. Gratitude for everything, all the time, no matter what. It is the laughter of the gods. The attitude of heroes who stand on high mountains. Guilt, grace, gratitude (the structure of the Heidelberg Catechism).

"To what end your resentment?" A good question for all protestors and moralists and self-righteous, and holier-than-thou, and outraged, and harmed, and 'disrespected', and us, and everyone. "What is the goal of resentment?" Burning down the world? Great. The only goal of resentment is hell itself.

Most all negative emotion has to do with resentment. Because most all negative emotion one way or another is directed at human beings, perceived big events in your life and small. If you hit your head on a cupboard door you lash out at the 'idiot' who built the cupboard door. Everything gets drawn down to resentment towards humans one way or another.

This is all obvious, but people generally don't think in terms of negative and positive emotions. Thus if you say to someone something like: "Resentment isn't a noble emotion" they are likely to look at you like they've heard something very new to them. It's never occurred to them to think in terms of noble and ignoble emotions. And we certainly aren't taught it anywhere. In fact we are only reinforced with the lie that resentment is noble from television and movies and everything else. "Yeah! That actor is shouting and outraged and resentful... He's a hero!"

Because in hell there are cool people with a lot of pride and outrage and who strike poses and point to 'other people' as the enemy of 'us' who need to be killed. The great circle of tortured turning into torturer and back to tortured that is hell fueled by resentment.

But gratitude for everything...? That is different. That is difficult. Especially when thinking of children. Should they have gratitude for parents who mistreat them? If they survive their childhood and awaken then yes. Honor your parents, don't worship or idolize your parents, but honor them. They're not perfect, neither are you. As an adult, though, it should be a little bit easier to see that everything that happens to you is your fault, basically, because you know by that time that you attract most of it, or all of it, one way or another. You just simply have to see that everything that happens to you you are responsible for. If you have to see that in higher aspects of time then so be it. Anything else is hell.

This requires *new thinking*, another aspect of Christianity that flies under the radar. Gratitude for everything all the time requires new thinking. Gratitude is a Kingdom of God aspect of being. Resentment - and its infinity of justifications - only leads to hell.


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