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Spiritual warfare post - Bum's Rush and a type of Gaslighting

If you are a child of God and in the world - truly a child of God - here are two things the world will do to you.

One is what I call the bum's rush. This occurs because mirroring our reality here in the flesh is a spiritual reality where you are in the midst of spiritual children of the Devil, and they know you have crossed the divide and become a child of God. So, naive to this, and generally good-natured still to your old contacts and family and acquaintances and general mix of people you would normally be around you start getting the bum's rush from them. They have no time for you. They are involved in 'real things', you are not. That type of thing. This happens by degree and differs in different context, but it just highlights the fact that you are no longer one of them. They are acting unconsciously from the Devil's spirit in them. Your naivete regarding why such treatment is happening is understandable, but it needs to be transcended eventually. You need to start seeing the battlefield and where you stand.

The other thing is a type of gaslighting where people will act like you're weird or being bizarre *no matter what you do or say.* Even if you are totally silent and minding your own business. And they'll *set you up.* Like, they'll start a conversation with you, and the moment you respond, they will act like they have no time for you. That type of setting up of you. Or for instance they'll ask you to do a favor for them, then when you've done it and you casually mention to them it's done (or whatever) they look at you like why are you bothering them. This can be very disconcerting when you don't know what is going on. When you don't see the spiritual battlefield you are on. Examples and variations of this type of gaslighting are very numerous. It can get very involved and difficult to deal with.

You have to see that this behavior is mechanical and unconscious by people in the world. Yet people who operate from the spirit of the Devil - even unconsciously and mechanically - can seem very smart and clever and *get the better of you* easily and often. (An example along those lines is if you've ever known a drug addict they are commonly the most ignorant and, really, dumb human beings on the planet, yet when it comes to getting what they want, using tactics and strategies, and long-term strategies even, they can be diabolically genius-level.)

As real Christians at first we are naked on the spiritual battlefield. We are pretty naive. And we may not even have the real or full armor of God yet. But we have to wake up and take up our weapons and know where we are and what we're up against.


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