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They hate the name of God, Jehovah

The Devil has many victories in this era between the two comings of Christ. One big victory the Devil has celebrated recently is the changing of God's name for English speaking peoples (and probably in other languages as far as I know) from Jehovah to the silly-sounding yahweh. Modern scholars justify this change on a purely speculative theory that has never been proven but is just sort of a whim of modern scholarship. Kind of, "Hey, let's do this!" But of course it's also really more sinister than that.

In the political realm when the children of the Devil want to do away with something they've developed a saying: When you want to get rid of something it's more effective to replace it.

I.e. instead of getting rid of the name of God altogether (which is their desire) they replace the name of God.

Anytime I read or hear a theologian or church leader say 'yahweh' instead of Jehovah I at first shudder but then marvel at the ease the Devil and his children have in turning the minds of weak and wicked self-identified Christians any which way they so desire. Whatever the Devil puts in their mouth they swallow.

Lately the useful idiots of the Devil have been associating any Christian who says Jehovah with the cult Jehovah's Witnesses. They seem to get a special pleasure out of this bit of smearing dishonesty. I think they get such pleasure because they know unconsciously that they have been a dupe of the Devil and that Christians exist who are not such willing and easy dupes of the Devil and this obviously makes them angry.

For some extra disgust look at this Wikipedia page on Yahweh (Canaanite deity).

When you're able to discern this abomination it's like learning a child molester has been babysitting your children. The Devil has been able to get that close to the actual word of God and to change it at such a foundational and meaningful place.

This is why God has seen to it we have his word pure and whole in the Authorized - King James - Version. When you hold the AV in your hand you know you have all of God's word available to you, undefiled by the spirit of Satan that is the spirit of these end times - these times between the two comings of Christ.


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