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Where Federal Vision leads: either Rome, or off the deep end

[Oh, I was just going to delete this, but apparently a guy named James Jordan showed up at Greenbaggins blog and the blog owner over there Lane Keister announced that it was the James Jordan of Federal Vision fame - or implied it because if it was just some other James Jordan he would have said so to clear up confusion - so...this post is apparently meaningless. I'll keep it up though because it might appear on a search for James Jordan in cache form or something and people might get the wrong idea, so I will just put this correction at the beginning here. Done.]

James Jordan, one of the founding fathers of the bad doctrine known as Federal Vision, seems to have now gone fully off the deep end. On his new blog (here's an example) -


he refers to the apostle Paul as a "little Gnostic heretic" who hasn't even "thought through" various "aspects of his analog[ies]", such as the Potter's Vessel. He concludes: "It's time we stop taking Paul very seriously."

James Jordan is giving us a clear choice: James Jordan, or the apostle Paul. A shadowy internet guy associated with Doug Wilson and Federal Vision (Doug Wilson, whose eyes keep getting more saucer-like, have you noticed?), or an apostle of God Himself who authored by inspiration of the Holy Spirit much of the New Testament canon.

Unless James Jordan has grown gigantic antlers out of the sides of his head (my chosen sign that someone has been given more understanding of biblical doctrine than the Holy Spirit and the apostle Paul) then I'm going to stay with the apostle Paul.


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